WebDev Links

Official Documentation
Perl Documentation: All about Perlmodules.
PHP.net: Official PHP site
PHP Manual: Official PHP documentation
PEAR: The PHP Extension and Application Repository.
phpmyadmin: PHP-based interface for MySQL.
MYSQL.com: Official MYSQL site.
MYSQL Reference Manual: Official MYSQL reference manual.
PostgreSQL: Official PostgreSQL site.
PostgreSQL Reference Manual (7.4): Official Postgres documentation.
ActionScript: Official ActionScript dictionary.

Article & Tutorial Sites
DevArticles: Good source for PHP/MYSQL solutions.
DevShed: More PHP/MYSQL.
Builder: CNet’s web programming site.
PHP Builder: Dedicated to PHP.
Webmonkey: Helpful resources for PHP/MYSQL/JavaScript. NOTE: This site is closing down.
PHP Freaks: Dedicated PHP site, infrequent content changes.
Developer Fusion: WebApp stuff; A little more MS-centric.
Web Developer Channel: links to several sites.
Astalavista Security Group: WebAppSec and more…
PHP Librairies: tips for securing PHP apps.
PHP Advisory: developing secure PHP apps.
Open Source Portal for Enterprise Developers: Tips and Tricks section
Lerner’s site: Reuven Lerner writes the “At the Forge” column for Linux Journal. He has a lot of helpful information relating to open source web development.

Specific Articles
Rich Web Text Editing with Kupu: Put a JavaScript Rich Text editor on your site.
Access COM functions with PHP: simple intro blurb on how to use COM objects with PHP.
Write Secure PHP Scripts: Intro to access controls (PHP).
Suggest As You Type: JavaScript to suggest words as you type in a text field.
Input Validation: JavaScript input validation techniques for text fields.
Tigra Calendar: JavaScript calendar for date-entry.
PHP & Postgres: Using PHP with Postgres
PHP & Images: Image manipulation/generation with PHP
Flash: Shape Tweening: Shape tweening with Flash. There are other nice features in this series of lessons. Lesson 4 has a neat idea for a “loading” message.
speed-survey: A services that monitors speed of page loads, etc.
CSS Examples: A series of CSS examples showing various implementations.
HTML Reference: Quick reference on most HTML tags.
Math Symbols in HTML: How to create “special” characters in HTML.
JavaScript Reference: the w3schools JS site.
Flash and MySQL: Combining Flash, PHP, and MySQL! See an example.
ActionScript Examples: check out the whole site.
Moock’s ActionScript Guide: Lots ‘o stuff.
Flashkit: Some tutorials.
Ultrashock: more tutorials with a Flash interface!
Flash Usability Guide: Flazoom’s usability guide.
Chattyfig: Flash mailing lists.
Official Flash Forums: Forums on Macromedia’s site.

iStockedPhotos: Pay by the photo.
StockedPhotos: Royalty-free, subscription site for pics. $60/6 mos or $100/yr.
ShutterStock: Similar deal. $89.99 for 30 days.
Corbis: Good assortment…very pricey.

Content Management
Bricolage: Content Management solution for large sites
Zope: Open source application server for building content managements, intranets, portals, and custom applications.
CMF: Central information point for Zope CMF developement.
Plone: Content management system based on Zope.
OpenACS: A toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web apps.

Syndicated Content Databases
Atom: The latest (and it seems to me, best thought-out) of the XML syndication formats.
2rss: RSS feeds.
myrss: UPDATE (10/13/04): This site now a paid service.
Syndic8: RSS feeds.

Macromedia: Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver…just to name a few.
The GIMP: The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Not a Photoshop-killer, but it’s free…
Sepy: Free ActionScript editor, written in python.
Swift3D: Port 3D animations to Flash.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting Ratings: Web Host search engine.
Web Hosting Forum: Forum about web hosts by web hosts…
iPowerweb: Used these guys for awhile, but outgrew the service.

Web Application Security
OWASP: The Open Web Application Security Project.

Dynamic DNS
DynDNS: Offers a range of services such as: domain registration, dynamic DNS, URL cloaking, email redirection, etc.

Web Placement Tools
Good Keywords: Free.
Google Adwords: Google’s keyword suggestion tool.
Niche Finder: A little more advanced tool.
Niche Finder Results Analyzer: Make sense of NF’s results.
Overture: Keyword suggestion tool used by Good Keywords and Niche.
Word Tracker: The professional ($$) tool.
Link Popularity Tool: Free tool to check your site’s popularity.

Web Placement Tips & Techniques
WebMasterWorld: News
and discussion for the independent web professional.
Google Advice for Webmasters: Some good stuff here about ranking.
Webb’s SEO Tutorial: An insightful HOW-TO for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Google’s Ranking: A brief “explanation” of how Google ranks pages.
SEO Chat: Forums discussing placement news and techniques.
ABAKUS’ Forum: Forum dedicated to SEO.
New Google Algorithm Checklist: Tips to improve your Google ranking.


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