Software Links

Catch-all for utilities, tools, and misc apps.
NT Password Recovery: changes any password on an XP/2k/NT box you have physical access to.
Openwall Password Tools: Locked yourself out of other apps? This site has a variety of tools.
daemon-tools: mount image files as lettered drives (Windows)
hylafax: linux app for sending faxes & alpha-numeric pages
The Exchange Server Replacement HOWTO: IMAP & POP3 mail server (Cyrus IMAP & Sendmail) with an LDAP database.
Wim's BIOS: BIOS upgrades and utilities
md5summer: Windows utility for generating MD5 checksums. Use it to verify your downloaded tarballs & iso's.
Synergy: share one keyboard & mouse among multiple machines–Windows and Linux. I use this everyday.
SynergyOSX: A Mac GUI version Synergy client.
osx2x: Control other machines (running X11 or VNC) from your Mac.
Win2VNC: Another way to share a keyboard & mouse between multiple computers (uses VNC).
CVS: Concurrent Versions System.
Subversion: CVS-like product with some enhancements.
Arch: Revision-control using a distributed storage model. Includes archival of meta-data and atomic check-ins.
CamStudio: record your computer screen. Click on the "Direct Link".
Freevo: Free PVR/DVR
MythTV: Another free PVR/DVR

Favorite Apps
vim: Great editor for both Windows and Linux. Check out
Project (use folds to keep track of file
collections) and
Shell (access your shell from vim).
Mastering vi: A
quick-guide with some helpful tips. Can't beat the price for this office suite. Windows/Linux/Mac
Firefox: Mozilla-based browser. Has my two "musts":
tabbed browsing and pop-up suppression. Integrated search is quickly becoming another "must".
Also, its free without ads. Windows or Linux.
SpamBayes: Spam filtering software (I use the Outlook plug-in at work) that "learns" over time. Works pretty well.
Trillian: chat client that allows you to access YahooIM, AIM, ICQ, and IRC (among others) simulaneously. Windows Only. From time-to-time, the chat services will make changes and break Trillian. You will usually find the fix in the
WindowBlinds: skin your Windows.
DesktopX: extend the Explorer shell.
Here is a screenshot of my workspace.
WinCustomize: themes for WindowBlinds & DesktopX.
JS Pager: Pager for Windows. If the website doesn't work, get my local copy here.
PuTTY: ssh client for Windows.
WinSCP: scp client for Windows.
Blackbox: Blackbox window manager for Linux. Light, fast, few dependencies. Also check out bbpager and bbkeys while your at it.
xplanet: Put the world on your

Cyrus IMAP: Carnegie Melon's open source IMAP server.
UW IMAP: U of Washington's open source IMAP server.
Courier IMAP: Inter7's IMAP server.
Qpopper: POP3 server software.
Sendmail: The granddaddy of MTU's.
Postfix: Sendmail alternative.
Qmail: Dan Berstein's SMTP server.

OpenLDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
Authenticate with LDAP, Part 1: Mick Bauer's series on OpenLDAP. LJ Interactive requires registration. FOR LJ SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.
Authenticate with LDAP, Part 2: "Authenticate with LDAP"; Mick Bauer's series on OpenLDAP.
Authenticate with LDAP, Part 3: Mick Bauer's series on OpenLDAP.
Secure Mail with IMAP and LDAP, Part 1: Anther Mick Bauer series.
Secure Mail with IMAP and LDAP, Part 2: Anther Mick Bauer series.

Avant Browser: Built on top of IE, Avant provides tabbed-browsing and pop-up suppression.
SphereXP: 3D desktop replacement for WinXP.
OpenCroquet: 3D shared space for deep collaboration. Based on Squeak. Interesting collection of technologies.

Web 2.0 online clipboard for sharing text between two computers.
Riya: photo recognition with tags.
Zillow: check out house prices near you…
Graphics Applications
Blender: Free 3D software (multi-OS).
POV-Ray: The Persistence Of Vision Ray-Tracer (multi-OS).
kpovmodeler: KDE modelling and
composition program for pov-ray.
GIMP: The GIMP (multi-OS).
Cinepaint: GIMP-like paint program (Linux). NOTE: they are working on Windows support, still buggy though. Used by ILM, Sony, and Dreamworks.
Kino: Video editing for Linux.


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