A Book of Rocks

February 24, 2006

Bill Atkinson, of Mac fame, has a new book Within The Stone. I didn’t read the intro, just started looking at the pictures. It took me a few pictures to figure out these were rocks…all the more intriguing. Neat stuff.


Spreadsheet on the web

February 24, 2006

Num Sum is a site where you can post your own spreadsheet for others to ogle…kinda like flickr for accountants?

Interesting ss interface, however.

The First Post

February 24, 2006

After my own server crashed (and took my original blog with it), I thought I’d try letting someone else host my site.

With millions already out there, why create another blog? Check out my About page for my answer. Basically, this is a place I post information that is of interest to me. I just want to keep track of articles, sites, and posts that I find interesting.

If you’re interested in topics like emerging web technology, small business topics, Mac software, and computer security you might find the articles interesting too.